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Our professional team provides resurfacing, painting, and cleaning services to homeowners, commercial property owner/managers, realtors, contractors, builders, and property managers.

Elevate your space with our professional painting services

Solve your painting problems

At Weldpac, we understand the challenges our customers face, such as deteriorating surfaces, lack of time or skills, outdated or unappealing colours, damage or wear, and lack of curb appeal.

Our painting services can help solve these problems by properly preparing surfaces before applying new coats of paint. Our painting team inspects surfaces for signs of damage, cracking, or flaking and addresses these issues before painting. This ensures that the new paint adheres well to surfaces and looks fresh and vibrant.

We save clients time and effort by providing professional painting services that handle all aspects of the painting process, including surface preparation, paint application, and clean-up. This allows customers to focus on other important tasks while the painting project is completed.

Our team offers a variety of colour options and tips on choosing the right colours to achieve the look you want. We also provide samples or mock-ups to help clients visualize the end result before the painting project begins. This ensures that customers are satisfied with the colour choices and achieve the desired look and feel.

We help repair damage and restore surfaces to their original state. Our team addresses any water damage, meld or other issues before painting, making sure new paint covers any signs of damage and keeps surfaces looking fresh and new.

Our painting services improve the appearance of the property by providing fresh coats of paint to the exterior. We work with clients to choose the right colours and finishes that complement the style and architecture of the property. This ensures that the property looks more attractive to potential visitors or clients.

corporate paint weldpac
Corporate Paint
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Fence Paint
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Water Proofing

Why choose Weldpac painting services?

  • High-quality results
  • Professional service
  • Efficient and timely completion
  • Competitive price
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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Additionally, we provide carpentry services.

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