What To Store In Upper Kitchen Cabinets

What To Store In Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Fragile items:

Safeguard delicate dishes, glasses, and cups in high cabinets to minimize the risk of breakage.

Seasonal items:

Reserve upper cabinets for holiday décor and tableware during the off-season, optimizing lower cabinet space.

Large items:

Store infrequently used serving dishes, platters, and bowls in upper cabinets to conserve lower cabinet room.

Small appliances:

Maximize counter space by stowing toasters, blenders, and coffee makers in upper cabinets.


Keep these occasional references in upper cabinets to declutter countertops and shelves.

Extra cookware:

Label containers for organized storage of surplus cookware in upper cabinets, optimizing space.

Paper goods:

Store napkins, paper towels, and plastic wrap in upper cabinets for accessibility without cluttering counters.

Storage bins:

Employ storage bins in upper cabinets to keep small items organized and easily retrievable.